Are you even ready for a dog?

Okay, it’s time for “the talk”.


No, not “the talk” your parents have with you when you ask where babies come from. Not “the talk” you have when you’re ready to break up with someone (or take things to a new level).

I mean “the talk” you have when you are thinking about getting a dog. The whole, “Am-I-even-ready-for-a-dog?” talk.

There are a lot of things to consider:

  • -Do I have the space a puppy or grown dog would need?
  • -Can I afford to feed it?
  • -Do the people I live with want to share that responsibility?
  • -Do I understand the commitment involved in owning an animal?
  • -Do any of my loved ones have allergies?
  • -Am I okay with my loved ones not being able to visit me because of their allergies?
  • -Who will I ask to care for the dog when I have to go out of town?
  • -Will my landlord allow me to have pets?
  • -Am I okay if the dog damages furniture or clothing?

There is a lot more to think about. My advice to you is to sit down and talk with someone who has owned a pet and someone else who currently owns a pet. I think you’ll get some good perspectives and think about some things you wouldn’t have otherwise thought about if you had just gone out and bought a pet on impulse.

I  know it’s not the most fun way to start a blog about dogs, but it is responsible. And after all, if you are going to own a dog, you will need plenty of that.

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