Personality Matching

So, now that you’ve decided that you are responsible enough to own a dog, it’s time to decide which kind of dog you want.

The next few blog posts will aim to help you make that crucial decision.

As you are making the choice I suggest you try to find a dog that matches your personality. Afterall, haven’t you ever noticed how dog owners start looking like like their dogs? There’s a reason for that!


So what kind of personality are you?

If you’re more shy and quiet you’ll probably want a smaller, less hyper dog that likes to cuddle.

If you’re an outgoing socialite, you’ll probably ready for a bigger, more playful dog. You know the kind. The ones who are happy to see you when you come through the door and jump up and lick you.

If you are type 1 may I suggest a Shitzu. They are small, adorable and not really the hump up on you. The love to be held and cuddled. You could also consider a Chihuahua. You’ve probably seen people carrying them around in their purses.

Type 2 personalities would probably love something more along the lines of a Golden Retriever. They are so forgiving and loyal. If you’re up to the challenge, a Great Dane might be more your style.

My grandpa owns a couple English Bulldogs and let me tell you, they are always happy to see you. So that might be a good fit too.

Whatever you do, I suggest going to the pound, or pet store and play with the dogs first. You’ll get a feel for what fits your personality best.

Good luck and happy hunt.

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