What would Harry Potter do?


So before you leave a comment below, let me just answer the question I know you are all asking. Yes. That is a picture of Harry Potter walking some dogs. Well, not Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe. Same thing, right?!

Why a picture of Daniel Radcliffe walking some dogs? Another great question! I put it here to give you one more way to know if you’re ready for a dog.

In my last post, I suggested spending some time at a pound or pet store to get a feel for which type of dog might be best for your personality. So my advice for any of you who are still not sure if you’re ready, is become a dog-sitter or dog walker. I’m sure you have a neighbor, friend, or family member who would love to let you walk their precious pooch. And hey, you might just make a little moolah!

Walking or watching someone else’s dog will give you a chance to see how dogs behave in a more authentic setting. You’ll be able to get a better feel if you are equipped to handle what a day in the life of a dog throws at you.

So. Go walk a dog. You may even see Harry Potter while you’re at it!

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