The Turkey wasn’t the only thing that got stuffed on Thanksgiving!

Of all the holiday traditions that exist, there is one that I think I love the most:

Fat Dog.

Fat Dog

It’s a really easy tradition that I believe even the Scroogiest person would enjoy.

Step One: Gorge yourself on turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes & gravy, delicious buttery rolls, candied yams with mini marshmallows on top, raspberry Jell-O, and green bean casserole. Then top it off with the seasonal favorite: pumpkin pie and egg-nog.

Step Two: Regret your life decisions.

Step Three: Lay down like a Fat Dog on the living room floor and let a sleep coma take you down to wonderful dream land.

See! Like I said, I think anyone can enjoy this festive holiday tradition.

Now, I’ve got to say that there is one tradition that I do NOT enjoy:

Clean up.

Uck. Anybody with me?

This year there was something that made my clean up even less appealing. Our sweet new puppy. All of my guests ignored my polite request to not feed the dog too much. And as sure as the sun comes up in the east, about 2 hours after everyone left the smell hit me. Our cute little poochy had vomited in our bedroom closet. <Gag reflex>

I cleaned it up the best I could, but there is still a lingering smell there. I asked around and tried to find some do it yourself home remedies, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday 😉